The Story Of Alphonso The Original Pizzeria


In this upcoming account, a fabulous story will unfold. We have decided to come forth and present to you an amazing tale about two young men and their mentor Alphonso.  Some years ago, in the city of West Allis, Wisconsin, a young Tim and Corey made an unbelievable discovery one night.  Historically, Highway 100 is a storied strip of asphalt which has been heralded by many venerated victories, as well as an equal amount of agonizing defeats.  About a block or so, right off the highway, was a dark alley.  As the humid summer fog settled, the appearance of an old Chevelle curiously emerged from one of the backyards.  Mysteriously shrouded in the chalky black cover, the boys moved in for a closer look.  The moment Tim and Corey touched the weathered tarp, an old stern voice inquired.  “Hey, what are you boys doing over there?”  Startled and scared, the boys quickly replied, “We’re just checking this old car out.”  Caught red handed, they bowed their heads and modestly apologized.  By this time, Alphonso was a shell of the man he used to be.  As he came around the corner, his rough wooden cane provided the support for his uneven gait.  Knowing he put one heck of a scare into the boys, he maneuvered up chuckling.  “Hey kids pep up! Once you get a little look, it’s hard to take your eyes off, isn't it?”  Alphonso pulled off the tarp and unveiled the prize.  Speechless for a moment, the boys stared in amazement and both said, “Yes it sure is sir.”  Alphonso didn’t have visitors in years!  After talking with them for a while, he offered to make Tim and Corey an offer.  He said, “I’m getting kinda old.  How bout you youngins come over and help me around the house a bit, and in turn, I’ll give ya guys a couple of bucks and some killer rides in this here old Chevelle.”  Of course, Tim and Corey agreed, and this started a lifelong bond that would alter the boy’s future forever.

Alphonso’s parents were Italian immigrants and had long since passed.  They died when he was in Vietnam.  When he was discharged from the war, he came home to little family and fewer friends.  Tim and Corey began working for Alphonso usually shoveling snow, weeding the garden, or mowing the lawn.  Although their “hands down” favorite was washing the Chevelle before one of Alphonso’s legendary “hell rides.”  In the coming years, as they boys became young men, they still found the time to help their old friend.  The task changed from tending the yard to taking Alphonso to his weekly appointments, but he always remained in good spirits.  Sometimes, in a special show of appreciation, he would thank Tim and Corey by making them a fabulous home cooked meal.  Over the years, he treated them to the finest of Italian dishes, but their “favorite” was always Alphonso’s home cooked pizza.  He always mentioned that his recipes were handed through many generations that came from Calabria.

As the years passed, Alphonso’s health began to diminish rapidly.  Sensing that the will of the wisp was passing, he invited the young men into his living room for a long waited discussion.  “I have had something naggin at me for years fellas, and I think now is the time for me to get this weight off my chest” said Alphonso.  The story would be soon to unfold.  “After I got back from Nam, the thrills were cheap!  So I decided to become a street racer in the Midwest.  Highway 100 had some good competition back then.  Even though I decided it would be best to make some real money and hit the street scene in Chicago.  We would race down the back streets for wads of cash and on special occasion’s titles too!”  The sound of life revived in his voice as Alphonso laid back in his favorite chair recalling the times of his life.  “It was a warm summer night on the side streets of Chicago 1976 and see the word had it that a sinister Chevelle was roaming the streets looking for a high stakes showdown.  Rumor had it they owned one of the baddest machines on the street.  Now they were on a mission to find me and the King.”  A light sweat gathered on his brow as he explained, “Now the King is my creation, an all original fully tubed out 1969 Z28 Camaro with a couple of modifications, if you know what I mean.”  With a deceptive smile, he continued.  “The King and I had never lost a race.  My crew and I were making some minor adjustments when someone shouted out, there it is!  Then like a ghost from the night, a 1968 flat black Chevelle appeared.  It had an eerie look to it and rumbled like an earthquake.  Like I said before, usually we would race for a couple hundred bucks, but this was one of those special occasions.”  As if he was going to let all the cookies out of the jar Alphonso said.  “The deal was we were gonna race the best two out of three for 2500 bucks and titles.  I didn’t have enough cash on me, so I had to discuss it with my crew.  We pooled the money together, and I was confident the King would make his final curtain call.”  It was as if Alphonso was back in the cockpit as he explained, “We inched toward the starting line and as if to grab the littlest advantage.  When the smoke settled, the hands dropped, and both cars took off like rocket ships.  The King hooked up like a charm, and we dusted him!  The second run was a different story.  The King lost a bit of traction, and it cost us the pass.  As we lined up for the third and final run, I thought to myself, we gotta win this one or it’s over!  Both cars left hard, we were neck to neck. As the dust settled, it was the King who pulled through victorious with one of the most amazing hole shots ever seen.”  By this time, Alphonso was in a full blown sweat knowing the climax was soon.  He revealed, “After the race, we circled back and converged at the starting line.  That’s when things got a little complicated.  Two wise guy looking greasers hopped out of the Chevelle.  Just before the race, we both gave our money and titles to the underground officials, just in case anybody tried to run.  

“When our two crews met back with the officials, one of the wise guys from the Chevelle pulled a pistol and demanded the money and both titles.  Even with the pistol, they were out numbered 3 to 2.  We were in close quarters, and it was like I was back in the “bush.”  My instincts took over, and in a flash I jumped the pistol.  We struggled for a moment.  Then, I disarmed the greaser.  The weapon hit the deck, a bullet discharged, and went clean through this right leg here.  I’ve been hobbled with this here cane ever since.  We moved both cars back to Wisconsin.  I decided to keep the Chevelle here in West Allis.  I took the King to my friend’s barn up north.  Except for the past couple years, I used to go up there at least once a year to do a little work to him just to keep him healthy.”  Alphonso was a great story teller, but after two hours he was completely spent.  He felt relived to know the boys would have a little bit better understanding of his life even though they had been friends for years.  As he led the boys to the door, he realized this was probably the last time he would see his best friends Tim and Corey.  With tears in his eyes, he bid the boys farewell and watched as they walked down his driveway for the last time.

Alphonso died on the 4th of July, 2005.  In the following weeks, Alphonso’s attorney called for a meeting with Tim and Corey.  When they arrived at the lawyer’s office, neither one of them could figure out what was going to happen next.  Very graciously, the lawyer informed them that in their beloved Alphonso’s passing, he had left one simple decree, that his home and all of his possessions be donated to homeless military veterans except for these aforementioned items.  As the lawyer tapped on the keypad, the cover to the lockbox popped open.  The contents of the lockbox revealed three of Alphonso’s most prized possessions.  First, was a set of keys to the Chevelle that Alphonso had won in the Showdown in Chi-Town.  Second, was the original build sheet and a map with the location to where the King is stored.  The third thing, was beyond belief, it was a hundred year old dusty book filled with ratty pieces of parchment paper.  This was Alphonso’s secret family recipe book!  After Tim and Corey left the lawyer’s office, they knew they had to stop and pay their respects to their dear friend Alphonso.  It was then, that Tim and Corey knew exactly what they had to do.  They set off on a journey to find and resurrect the King in all its glory and to the beauty it once was.  Most of all, to fulfill Alphonso’s life long dream of reviving his family’s original secret recipes... The ones that could have made Alphonso famous!  February 1st, 2010, Alphonso’s The Original is established.  The rest is to be continued...

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